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Welcome to the Land of Civilizations.

About Us

Pakistan is truly a tourist’s paradise because of a number of reasons. It has not only unique in highly diverse and exotic terrain ranging from lofty and some of the highest mountains in the world to lush green valleys and planes, arid deserts and tropical coasts, but it is also the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations and cultures, Gandhara and Indus and the birth place of Buddhism.

Travel Pakistan promises you to travel along with you to unfold some of the diverse culture and civilization of all the dynasties it has welcomed and nourished in its laps for centuries. We have recently emerged on the horizon of tourism in Pakistan with an experience of over 20 years of experience. Our sole objective is to promote tourism in the country and also to spread the message of peace across the globe.  

Being your ultimate travel companion we provide the best services with a touch of adventure loaded with fun and learning.

The CEO’s message

Asalamu Alikum

Hello, good day, everybody.

Also welcome to Travel Pakistan which appears in the new age of Pakistan and always aims to promote tourism industry from any corner it can afford.

From my perspective, Pakistan owns a box of pretties, which form a platform for tourism improvement, and it’s also a good moment to view and feel the country during vacation, gaining a brisk period without any life stress. Changing arrays of configuration, apparently dynamic social life that has been existing through long-term status-quo, diverse cultural history, ancient civilizations and a paradise for climbers that has formed the country a hot destination for tourists throughout the history, a diverse wave of urbanization and mixtures of religious, traditional and modern art and architecture all lie in our list of display of Pakistan to clients who choose the lonely planet for life-break from home. Our overriding desire is to create amazing holidays for our valued visitors to enjoy truly wonderful experiences with Pakistan’s Nature and Culture.

Our main office sits in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan we have recruited the best available in the market because we believe that our tourists deserve the best of our services.

We’d also like to give our hands to all souls who are fond of (climbing, trekking, hiking, safaris, and all sorts of tours) cultural and natural touring in this enigmatic land, and we are really grateful to everybody who has joined us. Besides this, as our belly of business is expanding, it’s pleased for me to say sincere thanks to all other travel agencies from around the world who have been with us together this far, and as a rule, as a businessman, I can’t hesitate to invite additional tour companies for joint ventures in Pakistan.

International tourist arrival volume keeps increasing gradually in Pakistan, you will come to need the information about Pakistan for your valuable clients who want to visit Pakistan. For this reason, we would like to invite all of you to visit: www.travelpakistan.tours   which presents about Pakistan’s nature and cultural travel information.

Hoping you will like our hospitality and services, we’re looking forward to working with you soon!

Sincerely yours,

Fazal Karim

Founder and CEO

Travel Pakistan

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